Programs Offered

Programs Offered

Diploma Programs

Native Community Worker – Traditional Aboriginal Healing Methods

This program promotes an integrated approach to healing and wellness strategies; an approach to identify physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of an individual or a community.

Social Service Worker – Indigenous Knowledge

This program and resources has an Aboriginal world-view.  Our values and utilizes its’ collective knowledge, wisdom and respect to strengthen the spirit of self for the well-being of others.  We teach clients-centered, empowering-based approaches to helping others.  This program addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of care.

Practical Nursing

The Practical Nursing (PN) program in partnership with an accredited Ontario College is compliant with provincial Practical Nursing Program Standard and incorporates additional Aboriginal-specific components throughout the program including Aboriginal culture, health care practices and services.

Certificate Programs

First Nation Child Welfare Advocate

AEI’s post diploma program prepares individuals for the role of advocate or band representative on behalf of the First Nation, child and/or family in relation to child protection matters.

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Add to your Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders knowledge base by taking advantage of this unique opportunity to enroll in the FASD certificate program offered at the  AEI.  This is the first and only accredited program of its kind in Ontario.  By joining the provincially and nationally recognized experts, you increase your ability to effect change across the discipline areas of education, justice, social services and health.

Pre-Health Sciences

The Pre-Health Sciences certificate program is a stepping-stone to a career in nursing, practical nursing, para-medicine, dental health ultrasound or as a radiation technician, etc.

Personal Support Worker

The demand for Personal Support Worker is greater than ever, and growing to meet the needs of an aging population.  This program appeals to students with a genuine interest in caring for the frail, elderly and physically challenged, mothers and newborns and persons with special needs of any age.