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Our Background

In June 1993, The Union of Ontario Indians (UOI), at the Anishinabek Grand Council on the Chippewa’s of Kettle and Stoney Point First Nation, the Chiefs in Assembly directed the Union of Ontario Indians Education Directorate to develop a model of an Anishinabek post-secondary institution. (Res. 93/13)
Resolution 93/13 also states that the model shall include provisions for satellite campuses and a community based delivery system.
In June 1994, at the Anishinabek Grand Council on the Rocky Bay First Nation, the Chiefs in Assembly directed that, the Education Directorate formally establish the Anishinabek Educational Institute (AEI) in accordance with the model that was submitted and ratified. (Res. 94/13)

Since the establishment of the Anishinabek Educational Institute, the Institute has continued to carry out the resolution directives as mandated.  The AEI main office is located on the Nipissing First Nation, and its satellite campuses are on Fort William First Nation and Munsee-Delaware First Nation. (Res. 94/13)

Our Mission

The Anishinabek Education Institute is mandated by the Anishinabek General Assembly (Res 94/13), to provide quality education and training programs for First Nation Anishinabek communities. The Anishinabek Educational Institute will provide community based programming which will better prepare the student success in an ever changing world.

The mission shall always be by and for Anishinabek People; at our pleasure, at our pace, and by our own standards.

Our Philosophy

The CREATOR has given each one of us a combination of gifts, skills, and abilities that are unique to us alone. Our combination of gifts determines the roles that we will play throughout our lives. Every Anishinabek child has potential that will unfold through a lifetime of education and learning. Learning and education begins at birth and it is through the guidance and support of family, friends, elders, community members and teachers that the child will learn to recognize, develop and act on their potential. Through the enactment of potential, the strength of the community is created and the spirit of a Nation is born.

We believe that all First Nation students have the potential to achieve their academic and employment goals. Our quality programming is responsive to First Nations needs. We provide a comfortable, supportive learning environment that promotes the traditional values of sharing, caring and respect.

Information About Programs

All programs offered at the Anishinabek Educational Institute are full-time programs. Our programs are not only designed to reduce the high stress levels which develop when students are away from their family, community, and workplace responsibilities, but are also designed to enable students to retain their jobs while being trained.

Delivery Options

Community Based

Community based delivery programs can either be delivered as on-campus or combination delivery.

Combination Delivery

Students are required to attend intensive two week in-class sessions twice per semester alternating with a five to six week return to their community while still maintaining a full-time program workload.

On-Campus Delivery

Programs are delivered at one of our campuses or at a partnering community. On-campus delivery requires students to participate in-class on a full-time daily basis during each semester.

Learn More

Learn about all of the programs offered by the Anishinabek Educational Institute (AEI) including course descriptions, admission requirements, and employment potential.

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