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              Paramedic Diploma Program

A paramedic is at the forefront of emergency health care services in times of accident or crisis. They provide cardio pulmonary resuscitation, defibrillation, immobilization in cases of spine, neck or bone injury. The administer life saving drugs as well as basic first aid.

This program will appeal to students who are able to work under extremely stressful situations. They must be fast thinkers, able to problem solve and multi-task. They should be strong and in good physical condition. They also need to be compassionate. It`s also important to be able to work well with others and be part of a team.

Admission Requirements:

OSSD with the majority of the courses at college level with:

  • Grade 12 Math        
  • Senior Level Chemistry
  • Senior Level Biology
  • Ontario Valid Driver`s License Required


All applicants must arrange with the Anishinabek Educational Institute to complete the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) before determining eligibility regardless of academic standing.


Field Placement:

Employers who provide our field placement settings require a police record check for criminal offenses before accepting a student into a field placement. The record check shall be obtained at the student’s expense. The College assumes no obligation for ensuring field placement or program completion for students who are unable to provide a clear police record check.

Health Requirements:

Accepted applicants must submit proof of a satisfactory medical examination and immunization prior to hospital clinical and ambulance field experience. These medical immunizations and communicable disease forms will be completed at the students own expense and may total several hundred dollars.


Employment Requirements:

Requirements under the Ontario Ambulance Act and Criminal Code of Canada must be met to be employed as a Paramedic in Ontario. If you have concerns regarding possible traffic violations, criminal records, or medical conditions that may affect your potential employment, contact the Anishinabek Educational Institute. Applicants MUST possess a VALID Ontario Driver’s license.


Employment Opportunities:

Paramedics are in demand by both public and private ambulance services. Graduates may also progress to the level of Advanced Care Paramedic and/ or Flight Paramedic requiring additional years of education at various institutions throughout Ontario. St. Clair College now offers Advanced Care Paramedic.


Program of Study:

Semester 1

            Introduction to Native Studies

            Patient Care Theory I
            Patient Care Procedures I
            Medical Legal Aspects
            Anatomy & Physiology I
            Physical Education
            Communication Emergency Health Worker I
            Human Behaviour & Crisis Intervention

Semester 2

            Native Studies II
            Patient Care Theory II
            Patient Care Procedures II
            Ambulance Operations
            Anatomy & Physiology II
            Pre-Hospital Pharmacology
            Ambulance Field Experience I
            Physical Education II

Semester 3

            Patient Care Theory III
            Patient Care Procedures III
            Professional Issues, Resolution & Leadership
            Hospital Clinical
            Advanced Skills Theory
            Advanced Skills Procedures
            Ambulance Field Experience II
            Communication Emergency Health Worker II
Semester 4
             Paramedic Comprehensive Review
             Ambulance Field Consolidation


Program Rack Card
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