Pre Health Sciences Certificate Program

Pre-Health Sciences Certificate Program

This one year certificate will help you gain the admission requirements necessary to apply to the following programs: Dental Assistant, Dental Hygiene, Medical Laboratory Technician, Paramedic, Pharmacy Technician, Practical Nursing, Veterinary Technician and Personal Support Worker.
Students interested in applying to : Dental Assistant, Personal Support Worker, Pharmacy Technician, or Practical Nursing who achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.7 (B) or greater in all 12 courses of Pre-Health Sciences, will automatically be accepted.

Admission Requirements

OSSD with the majority of courses at the college level; or
Mature student status

All applicants must arrange with the Anishinabek Educational Institute to complete the Canadian Adult Achievement Test (CAAT) before determining eligibility regardless of academic standing.

Program of Study

Semester 1

This course is designed to help students develop college level writing skills. The emphasis is on basis skill and development. All exercises and assignments are designed to improve general literacy.

This course is a senior level study of cell biology in preparation for Anatomy and Physiology courses in Health Science programs as well as preparation for semester II biology pre-requisite for entry into the Collaborative University / College Nursing program.

This course is designed to prepare the student for further studies in chemical technology and health sciences.

This mathematics course provides students with an opportunity to strengthen or enhance their understanding and skills in arithmetic, algebra, geometry and trigonometry in preparation for entry to Technician/Technology programs, or for further study in other mathematics courses.

As part of the Filed Placement I course, students are required to successfully complete a certificate in Non-Violent Crisis Prevention and Intervention (NVCPI) to be delivered outside the Autism and ABA Graduate Certificate Program (most typically a two-day course). Completion of Field Placement I requires that the student have a valid certificate in NVCPI (or other government approved equivalent certificate course). The college will assist students in identifying times and locations of NVCPI courses in their area, but the Autism and ABA Graduate Certificate Program fees do not include the cost of this course.

This course is designed to provide the student with an opportunity for personal growth and development. The student will participate in a process of self-exploration, by examining such topics as: personalities, goals and decision-making, personality conflicts, spirituality, personal balance, anger/fear and assertiveness. Students will gain practical knowledge of various low-risk self-development workshop settings.

Semester 2

Explore the transformation of work in an information age and acquire the skills required for successful communication in a changing workplace. Develop abilities in four categories of information management – accessing networked information, summarizing information, creating information for diverse purposes and audiences, and publishing information using both print and electronic media. Implement self-directed learning strategies for skill development. Select optional projects to match areas of interest and career and educational goals.

This course is a senior level of various biological concepts with regard to the effects of natural processes and human interventions and their impact on organisms. The course is designed as preparatory to entry into the Collaborative University / College Nursing program.

This course builds upon the foundation established in a previous preparatory chemistry course. It will provide an extended background in chemical concepts particularly applicable to students entering the health science and chemistry programs.

This course is an introductory course covering the principles of statistics. The course is designed to cover selected topics thoroughly rather than skim lightly over a wide range of areas in statistics. This course would be suitable for students entering a post secondary program where statistics is part of the curriculum or for students who are undecided as to their post secondary program choice and want some exposure to statistics.

This course is a continuation of Computer Applications I. Students will be introduced to spreadsheet (MS Excel) & database (MS Access) software, and the integration of data developed by the software in both courses. Problem solving in a business environment will be emphasized.

This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to examine current health issues in Native communities in Canada. The course will examine Federal Indian Health Policies and legislation as well as common health issues in Native Communities such as: preparing for motherhood/fatherhood, midwifery, prenatal nutrition, diabetes, and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. The course will also study mental health issues on reserves, such as: stress, depression, suicide, anger, grief, sexual assault and incest.

The significance of the mind, body and spirit and ceremonialism in healing/health of Native peoples will also be discussed.

Information About Programs

All programs offered at the Anishinabek Educational Institute are full-time programs. Our programs are not only designed to reduce the high stress levels which develop when students are away from their family, community, and workplace responsibilities, but are also designed to enable students to retain their jobs while being trained.

Delivery Options

Community Based

Community based delivery programs can either be delivered as on-campus or combination delivery.

Combination Delivery

Students are required to attend intensive two week in-class sessions twice per semester alternating with a five to six week return to their community while still maintaining a full-time program workload.

On-Campus Delivery

Programs are delivered at one of our campuses or at a partnering community. On-campus delivery requires students to participate in-class on a full-time daily basis during each semester.

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