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This program is currently being offered at the Munsee-Delaware campus location. If interested in the program, please apply now as there is no cost. For more information call Munsee toll free at 1-800-441-5904.
Social Service Worker Indigenous Knowledge

Vision Statement:

The program seeks to provide learners with the opportunity and tools to practice from a holistic, diverse, respectful and meaningful social work practice within their communities and organizations off and on First Nations.

Outcome Statement:
To be competent in the expression of an indigenous-based healing intervention human service practice.

To be competent in the delivery of a holistic approach to helping in the field of Social Work.

Prior Learning Assessment Recognition:
PLAR tools are implemented into the curriculum and used in the assessment and evaluation of a learners knowledge, skills, attitudes and beliefs.
Admission Requirements:
  • Grade 12 or Mature student status.
  • Applicants who are 19 years of age on the first day of classes in the year of admission, and who do not have OSSD, are consid­ered as mature applicants. Such applicants must complete the required subjects for admission. If they lack the required sub­jects, they may be requested to write a diagnostic test. Mature applicants are treated on an individual basis and should consult the AEI registrar as early as possible to determine if pre-entry testing is required.

Employment Opportunities:

SSW assists children, adults, seniors, families and youth in need of support. This occupation will prepare you for a variety of job opportunities such as:

-        Case workers

-        Social service positions with Indigenous organizations, municipal, provincial and federal governments

-     Counsellors and front-line workers in group homes, employment offices, corrections, residential treatment programs, shelters, transitional homes, community agencies, business and industry

-       Social Service Worker is a registered professional title that may only be used by member in good standing of the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Field Placements:

Learners are responsible for finding their own placement in an area of interest to him/her. There are two practicums required and there is an option to gain recognition for the first practicum if a student has a minimum of 2 years related paid experience in the field. This option can be negotiated with the program EDO.

If help is required to obtain placement, AEI staff would be happy to assist. Employers who provide field placement settings require a police record check for criminal offences before accepting a student into a field placement. The record check shall be obtained at the learner’s expense and AEI or the College assume no obligation for ensuring field placement or a program completion for students who are unable to provide a clear police record check.

Mandatory Requirement: 

To successfully complete the IKSSW program, learners must have a current First Aid and CPR certificate. The cost for certification is the responsibility of the learner. AEI can offer training if there is enough interest and the fee is dependent on the number of students enrolled.

Program Of Study
Semester 1
SSWP   1001   Principles of Adult Learning
SSWP   1000   Personal Development
PSYC    1004   Introduction to Psychology
SOCI     1007   Introduction to Sociology
COMM   1048   College Writing Skills
COUNC 1023   Interviewing and Counselling

Semester 2
GNED   1005   Expression Through Art
PSYC    1005  Psychology of Mental Illness
SSWP   1002  Delivering Human Services
SSWP   2001  Interviewing and Counselling II
Semester 3
SSWP   1005   Social Welfare Legislation
SSWP   2006   Case Management and Social Services
COMM  1055   Interpersonal Communication and Diversity
SSWP   2005   Interviewing and Counselling III
Semester 4

SOCI    2005    Working With Families
SOCI    1008    Social Problems
PROF  1008    Professional Development for Field Placement
SSWP  2002   Ethics and Career Preparation for Social Service Work
PRAC   2029    Field Practicum I - 294 hrs.  
Semester 5
SSWP   2009   Community Development and Group Process
COUNC 2011   Portfolio Development
SSWP   2003   Program Design
PRAC    2030   Field Practicum II - 294 hrs.
GNED   1023    Wellness

Note: Courses and course sequencing are subject to change.


Program Rack Card
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