The tutoring program has long been one of the strengths of the combined distance and on-campus delivery format of the AEI. It is a vital role in enabling students to gain the maximum benefit from their time here. It is important in enhancing the quality of the learning experience which the AEI aims to offer its students.

The AEI tutor provides expertise, experience, and encouragement to the student. They do not provide “answers”, but rather assist in problem solving which results in getting answers. The tutor and the student focus on course assignments within the framework they are assigned.

Tutors provide an important point of contact for students of the AEI and are a useful source of advice and guidance.


This program is used mainly for a community-based or distance delivery format.

A community tutor visit offers students the opportunity to reflect on their academic and personal development.

The community visit is focused on tutoring, however, this is not the sole purpose of these trips. The time spent in the student’s community and travel to the community provides the AEI employee to advocate on the students behalf with employers, counselors, and to meet with potential placement site agencies.

Within these visits your tutor will:


  • Travel to the student community, residence and/or place of employment regularly
  • Support you in your learning
  • Maintain linkages between the students, supervisors, employers and the AEI


  • Review course material and attend classes
  • Prepare students in groups or individually
  • Share study skills techniques
  • Prepare extra material when they feel it will enhance your learning experience.


“It is recommended that the tutor positions continue and their roles and functions be maintained given the vital support that they provide to program participants with academic and non-academic difficulties and their encouragement and guidance.”

NCC:CD Advisory Board

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